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Exhibition Stands

A fully integrated modular exhibition building system that has been developed for modern day exhibitions with limited build up and breakdown times.

Being modular, the system can adapt and grow to match the changing needs of the client. As a totally flexible system it allows us to build a stand capable of fitting virtually any size or layout – from a small shell scheme to over 100 square metres and up to four metres high.

The system is aesthetically designed and precision engineered. With its modern sleek lines and a wide range of structural profiles it provides the designer with complete flexibility in contemporary design and creativity.

The flexibility of the system and supporting services make it ideal for exhibitions, interior design and graphic display.

Our modular systems package Would not be complete without a range of complementary exhibition services and products tailored to satisfy individual customer’s requirements and budgets. This option is best suited to clients who have purchased a modular system which meets their typical exhibition requirements, but from time to time their needs change or the stand size required is larger than the norm. Hiring the additional elements as and when the need is there makes economic and practical sense.

Design   Using a special CAD software package we can produce accurate plans, drawings and visuals to create a realistic impression of your stand.

Graphics   High resolution large format 6 colour digital graphics printed on a variety of substrates producing high quality graphics, transparencies and banners.

Infill panels   We can produce a wide range of coloured laminate, wood effect and transparent infill panels.

Modular Flooring   Our modular flooring system allows us to install platform floors quickly and cost effectively. There is a choice of floorcoverings from beech laminate, vinyl, carpet tiles and a wide range of exhibition quality carpets.

Furniture   We can provide a comprehensive range of furniture, selected to complement our modular systems.

Additional Elements   To give your stand greater impact we can build in Plasma and flat screens, kitchen equipment, back lit graphic panels and light boxes, rotational graphic panels and turntables. Nothing works better than illumination, colour and movement to catch the eye.

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